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Garden Design Services

Are you looking to zhoosh up an existing flower bed, revamp a border, improve an area of the garden which isn’t working, or give your entire garden a makeover? If so, my London garden design services could be the answer.

How does it work?

I offer any of the following services, from which you can select those which are appropriate to your needs. For example, if you are just looking to change an existing flower bed, then you may only need me to design a planting plan, supply the plants and provide a maintenance schedule. If you are remodelling your whole garden, then all stages may be required.

Initial consultation

  • I carry out a quick assessment of the site.
  • We discuss your aspirations for the garden, the level of future maintenance required, and your budget.
  • We agree an outline brief for your project.

Site survey and analysis

  • I survey the existing site including position of boundaries, existing features and ground levels.
  • I draw up accurate plans of the existing site.
  • This step is essential for all but the smallest gardens if design work is to be commissioned.

Design work

  • I present plans and sketches of the proposed design, suggest materials to be used and discuss the planting with you.
  • After taking into account any changes you might like to make,  I produce a final scale plan showing the structural elements in the garden and planting areas in general terms (e.g. “mixed border”, “woodland planting”).
  • I will always aim to produce a design that can be completed within the available budget, for example by selecting materials that offer value for money without compromising on function, durability or the quality of the design.


  • If the design only includes small amounts of hard landscaping and minor site clearance, I can quote for clearing the existing garden and constructing the garden myself.
  • For more complicated designs, and major site clearance, you will need to appoint a landscaping contractor.
  • I can provide hard landscaping plans from which a landscaping contractor appointed by you can construct the garden (or if you wish to construct the garden yourself).

Planting Plans

  • Plants are my speciality, and I can draw on a wide knowledge of both garden favourites and more unusual varieties.
  • I select plants that will thrive in the particular soil type, aspect and situation of your beds, will provide a long season of interest and will create the mood and style you are looking for.
  • I present plans and sketches of the proposed planting scheme, and illustrating the key plants I have selected.
  • After taking into account any changes you might like to make,  I produce a final scale plan showing the location of every plant in the design as well as a list of all the plants with sizes and quantities required.

Supply of plants and accessories

  • I can source, supply, lay out and plant the plants for you.
  • I can also source and supply accessories such as furniture pots and planters.

Maintenance plan

I can provide a seasonal maintenance plan detailing what needs to be done in terms of maintaining each of your new plants, and when these activities should be carried out.

After care

I will aim to create a garden with the level of ongoing maintenance that you specify. However, no garden is entirely maintenance-free, and in fact pottering in the garden and looking after it yourself can be enjoyable and has many health-giving benefits. If you’d like to tend to your new gardens yourself, but need some guidance, my garden mentoring service could be for you.

Alternatively, I can provide an ongoing maintenance service to keep your new garden looking great.

My experience

  • Since March 2018, I have worked as a freelance Botanist and Horticultural Advisor for the Royal Horticultural Society
  • I have several years’ experience designing and building gardens and providing horticultural services and advice for private clients.
  • I worked for fifteen years as a curator of the herbaria at Kew Gardens and the Natural History Museum, which has given me a thorough knowledge of a wide variety of plants and their natural habitats (and therefore their growing requirements) and which fuelled my life-long passion for gardening and growing plants.

My qualifications

I have been awarded the Royal Horticultural Society Level 3 Diploma in the Principles and Practices of Horticulture. It is the highest of the three levels of diploma offered by the RHS and is comprised of:

  • RHS Level 3 Certificate in the Principles of Plant Growth, Health and Applied Propagation
    • Plant taxonomy, structure, and function
    • The root environment, plant nutrition and growing systems
    • The management of plant health
    • Understanding applied plant propagation
  • RHS Level 3 Certificate in the Principles of Garden Planning, Construction and Planting
    • Understanding garden survey techniques and design principles
    • Understanding the selection and use of landscaping elements in the garden
    • Understanding the setting out and construction of landscaping elements in the garden
    • Understanding a range of specialist elements in the establishment of garden and urban plantings
  • RHS Level 3 Certificate in Practical Horticulture
    • Collecting and testing soil samples and specifying adjustments for horticulture
    • Collecting, preparing and propagating from seed
    • Establishing and maintaining a range of plant types and forms
    • Identification of a range of common garden plants, weeds, pests, diseases and disorders
    • Management of green spaces, landscaped areas and ornamental gardens

I am based in southeast London, but cover the whole of London.

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